Tuesday, November 2, 2010

College Football: Week 10

Wow it's week 10 already. This season is just cruisin on by. Week 9's standings were as follows: Brandon 15-5 (1-1) Me 16-4 (2-1). I'm going to have to beat B-Diddy by more than one pick if I'm going to come from behind. He's at 152-32 (6-10) with me at 143-41 (7-15). Keep in mind we still have all of the bowl games to pick too.

The helmet sticker last week unanimously goes to Roy Helu Jr. of Nebraska. He ran the ball 28 times gaining 307 yards and 3 TD's. I remember getting numbers like that playing Gamebreaker '01 on the PS1. Who has the video game offense now? My honorable mention goes to Utah's backfield duo of Eddie Wide and Matt Asiata. Brandon's honorable mention was LaMichael James of Oregon.

A top 5 non-AQ match up for the GOW and the Gameday site. Wow. Potential BCS play-in game for TCU and Utah. Should be highly intriguing.

Thursday Nov. 4th 2010

Tyrod Taylor John Hughes # 40 of the Cincinnati Bearcats tackles Tyrod Taylor #5 of the Virginia Tech Hokies as he loses the ball during the FedEx Orange Bowl at Dolphin Stadium on January 1, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Tyrod Taylor;John Hughes
Tyrod Taylor hopes to lead VT to the
ACC Championship Game.
#22 Virignia Tech Hokies 6-2 (4-0) vs Georgia Tech Yellowjackets 5-3 (3-2) 7:30 PM ET

The Hokies are still on a roll after their embarassing loss to JMU. Tech had some promise but have yet to play the top of the ACC. They haven't really played well on the road either. Which is why I don't see them pulling the upset at Lane Stadium. The ACC is barely more credible than the Big East (BigOne). It's been very inconsistent and hard to figure out this season so don't be surprised to see an upset. But I'm goin with VT. VT 27 GT 18. Brandon: VT 40 GT 23.

Saturday Nov. 6th 2010

#9 Wisconsin Badgers 7-1 (3-1) @ Purdue Boilermakers 4-4 (2-2) 12 PM ET

I still don't really have much to say about Purdue this year. Actually I haven't been too sold on the Badgers either. Until the last two weeks. This team is for real. Now they're on the road facing a Big Ten opponent but I don't think being on the road will be much of a factor. Badgers win comfortably. Wisc. 37 Pur 16. Brandon: Wisc 35 Pur 16. 

#14 Michigan State Spartans 8-1 (4-1) vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers 1-8 (0-5) 12 PM ET

Um yeah. Is there really anything to say about this one? The Spartans bounce back after a loss and they do it in style and fashion. Did I mention it would be easy too? MSU 48 Minny 17. Brandon: MSU 38 Minny 14.

#16 Iowa Hawkeyes 6-2 (3-1) @ Indiana Hoosiers 4-4 (0-4) 12 PM ET

Indiana has proven nothing this season other than the fact that they would run the table in the Sun Belt. Iowa destroyed Michigan State last week and are still in the running for the Big Ten title. The Hoosiers won't be much of a stumbling block. Maybe a mandatory speed bump. Hawkeyes roll. Iowa 34 IU 10. Brandon: Iowa 35 IU 21.

#25 North Carolina State Wolfpack 6-2 (3-1) @ Clemson Tigers 4-4 (2-3) 12 PM ET

Another ACC match up. NCSU had the nice upset over Florida State last week which put them in the top 25 in the nation. Clemson showed promise early in the year and earned an upset pick by me (that they didn't live up to). They're just a bit young. Give them another year or two and they'll be in the BCS standings again. The Wolfpack take this one but I like the Tigers to put up a fight. Close game. NCSU 27 Clemson 24. Brandon: Clemson 30 NCSU 27.

With a win, Robert Griffin can
lead the Bears to bowl eligibility.
#17 Oklahoma State Cowboys 7-1 (3-1) vs #21 Baylor Bears 7-2 (4-1) 12:30 PM ET

The Baylor Bears continue to have one of their best seasons in history. Yet they're still one win away from being bowl eligible due to their two victories over D-IAA schools. Traveling to Stillwater won't be the easy way to get that win. Will Brandon Weeden let his team lose their second game at home? This game will go down to which offense is on the field for the last possession. I'm going with the upset here. Robert Griffin III can beat you through the air and his legs and I think that could be the difference. No disrespect Cowboy fans, but I've always been known for picking the Cinderella stories. If you don't like it, shut me up and win. BU 38 OSU 33. Brandon: OSU 40 BU 30.

#2 Auburn Tigers 9-0 (6-0) vs Chattanooga Mocs 5-3 (4-2)

Chattanooga? Really? Even a big win here really can't be doing that much for Auburn's strength of schedule can it? Oh well. One more game till the showdown with the Tide. UA 66 Chat. 0.

#1 Oregon Ducks 8-0 (5-0) vs Washington Huskies 3-5 (2-3) 3:30 PM ET

The video game offense faces one of the most if not the most overrated quarterback in the nation. And they do it at home. The only real mystery for this one is which uniform Nike State will wear for this one. Oh ... and UW may find the endzone once or twice ... maybe. Oregon 58 UW 17.

Andy Dalton and the Horned Frogs are looking for
a return trip to a BCS game. Utah could be the
only stumbling block along the way.
#3 TCU Horned Frogs 9-0 (5-0) @ #5 Utah Utes 8-0 (5-0) 3:30 PM ET

We have a beauty in Salt Lake. A BCS play-in game potentially. Also, it could be the last time these two schools ever play each other. Both are going to want this one bad. Both schools have excellent defenses but the quality of Utah's opponents is in question. They were able to force five turnovers at Air Force, and still barely hung onto a five point victory. The first time they've played a respectable opponent since Pitt. TCU has allowed 16 points the last five games and have outscored their opponents 367-78 while Utah has outscored theirs 362-113. Both by ridiculous margins. This one could also go down to who's O has the last possession. For me, I think TCU is going to make Utah one dimensional by shutting down the run game. Make Jordan Wynn win it for the Utes. Make him beat Andy Dalton. I don't believe that can happen. Keep in mind if Utah's running game isn't shut down then I believe they can win this game. I'm going with TCU. The offense is a bit more experienced more importantly at the QB position. And TCU's defense is just unbelievable. Utes lose a close one. TCU 31 Utah 27. Brandon: TCU 31 Utah 28.

#4 Boise State Broncos 7-0 (3-0) vs Hawaii Warriors 7-2 (5-0) 3:30 PM ET

Watch out everyone. Hawaii is back. The Warriors last beat Boise in 2007 when they made their own BCS run which they proved they didn't belong. Bad news for them is their playing on the smurf turf. Nobody wins there. I see this being potentially a close game but I am not going against the Broncos. The BCS may have no other choice but put them in the Title this year if only a couple dominoes fall. A 7-2 opponent will look good for them. As good as a WAC rival can be. Look for Kellen Moore to be brilliant once again. BSU 38 UH 24. Brandon: BSU 49 UH 24.

#6 Alabama Crimson Tide 7-1 (4-1) @ #10 LSU Tigers 7-1 (4-1) 3:30 PM ET

I am still having a hard time accepting that LSU is a top ten team this year. Maybe it's just me being ignorant, or Les Miles really is a phenomenal coach because they don't really have an playmakers other than Stevan Ridley. And they got lucky against Tennessee. Alabama is still proving they can make a run to defend their BCS title. Hopefully they don't overlook this week because we all are looking forward to the UA/Bama rivalry. Winner is likely to play for the title. Having said that, I think Nick Saban is smarter than that. Bama takes this one. Bama 23 LSU 19. Brandon: Bama 28 LSU 17.

#7 Nebraska Cornhuskers 7-1 (3-1) @ Iowa State Cyclones 5-4 (3-2) 3:30 PM ET

ISU is having a good year for them. Beating Texas always looks good even when they're in a rebuilding year. But nobody is expecting them to pull the upset this week and you can count me as one of those. The Big XII is still up for grabs and the Huskers know it. A loss here would possibly put them out of conference title contention and therefore BCS title contention. Yeah, not happening. NU 38 ISU 20. Brandon: NU 41 ISU 17.

#24 Florida State Seminoles 6-2 (4-1) vs North Carolina Tar Heels 5-3 (2-2) 3:30 PM ET

The Noles had the disappointing loss to NCSU last thursday. The Heels are hoping VT loses so they can have a shot at the ACC title. But they'd likely have to win out and with Jimbo Fisher and company returning home after a close conference loss, I don't see that happening. They're going to be ready to rebound and hang on to being on top of the ACC-Atlantic standings. I do like a fight from TJ Yates and the Tar Heels though. Just not enough. Too much drama in Chapel Hill this season. FSU 31 UNC 23. Brandon: 36 UNC 21.

#23 Nevada Wolfpack 7-1 (2-1) @ Idaho Vandals 4-4 (1-2) 5 PM ET

UNR is still disappointed they overlooked the Hawaii game. They really wanted to be undefeated when they played Boise State. Colin Kaepernick even said it in his interview after the Cal game. And the team led the fans on a "bring on Boise" chant. OOPS. Oh well, no worries this week at least. The Vandals are having a good season (for Idaho football) but not enough to be the best team in the state. Not even close. Nor will they be. Nor will it be enough to come close to beating the Wolfpack. UNR 48 Idaho 17. Brandon: UNR 47 Idaho 14. 

#8 Oklahoma Sooners 7-1 (3-1)  @ Texas A&M Aggies 5-3 (2-2) 7 PM ET

Jarrod Johnson has been benched and for a good reason. He couldn't stop throwing interceptions. The Aggies had better expectations in the Big XII this season and have clearly not lived up to it. Hosting the Sooners will abide to that. Colorado paid for OU's loss to Missouri and why wouldn't that continue this week? OU wants to be back on top of the BCS standings. They want a showdown against Nebraska in the Big XII title game. Yeah, no way they get upset here. OU 38 TAMU 17. Brandon: OU 36 TAMU 21.

Marcus Lattimore continues
to amaze as a Freshman.
#18 Arkansas Razorbacks 6-2 (3-2)  @ #19 South Carolina Gamecocks 6-2 (4-2) 7 PM ET

Ryan Mallett bounced back after his injury and Vanderbilt was a great opponent for that. He had over 400 passing yards. He got his feel back just fine. Steve Spurrier looks to finally have lived up to expectiations at SC ... well sort of but he's on the right track. The future is bright for the Gamecocks and a win this week would definately be able to define how their post season plays out. They are atop the SEC East standings and a loss would put them at a tie with Florida. The Cocks are also the only ranked team in the SEC East. The Razorbacks don't control their own destiny like the Cocks do. I love Ryan Mallett and I believe he'll have an outstanding NFL career, but I'm going with the upset here. Marcus Lattimore is a freshman phenom and provides a nice security valve for Stephen Garcia. Where Ryan Mallett is the only Razorbacks play maker on offense. If he struggles, the whole team struggles. The Cocks win the dog fight. Was that an oxymoron? SC 27 Ark 24. Brandon: SC 30 Ark 24.

Texas Longhorns 4-4 (2-3) @ Kansas State Wildcats 5-3 (2-3) 8 PM ET

Bad year for the Longhorns. I really want to pick them in this game non only because Brandon picked KSU but I wouldn't feel right doing it. I know they're Texas and have Mack Brown but with their resume and performance thus far, I don't see them coming out on top on the road in Manhattan. I'd like to, but I can't. Sorry 'Horns. Can't hook this one. KSU 34 Tex 25. Brandon: KSU 32 Texas 27.

#12 Missouri Tigers 7-1 (3-1) @ Texas Tech Red Raiders 4-4 (2-4) 8 PM ET

Tech has shown some promise at points this season, yet here they are at .500 and likely wouldn't be guaranteed a bowl if they win six games. Missouri on the other hand just got embarrassed by Nebraska and needs to win to be able to fight for a spot in the Big XII title. No surprises here in Lubbock. Look for Taylor Potts to have a decent game with a TD or two. But this won't be close. Mizzou 41 TTU 28. Brandon: Mizzou 42 TTU 27.

Nick Foles returns but can he lead
Arizona to upset Andrew Luck's
Cardinal in Palo Alto?
#13 Stanford Cardinal 7-1 (4-1) vs #15 Arizona Wildcats 7-1 (4-1) 8 PM ET

Nick Foles is 100 percent and ready to face his counterpart Andrew Luck. What a solid Pac-10 match up we have. Even though everyone knows Oregon is going to win out, there's still a shot at the Rose Bowl here. If either team can get high enough. Which probably isn't likely. So what's at stake here? For Luck, his NFL draft resume and for Arizona, well, who thought they'd be here anyway? Look for a shootout folks. And what a thriller it will be too. I'm calling the upset. Again with the Cinderella tendency in my sport predicting life. No I really think AZ's offense is a bit more deep than Stanford's. Yes it's in Palo Alto and I'm not doubting Luck's ability, but Arizona is still proving they belong since they've really never been there in my lifetime. They may want it just a bit more than the Cardinal. Zona 38 Stanford 35. Brandon: Stanford 36 Arizona 30.


  1. JC, correction my friend - it was Air Force that turned the ball over 5 times.

  2. correction has been posted. Thanks.