Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Over Now. What Does It Feel Like?

The BYU Cougars 2011 basketball team celebrates their
regular season Mountain West Conference Championship.
This kinda feels similar to something like ...High School graduation. Bittersweet. Go get a celebratory drink (Mt. Dew, Coke etc...) be sad ... yet still have a smile on. Miss the good times, document them, ne'er forget them ... but still move on with your chin up and perhaps dry the happy tears from our faces (for those of us who are emotional). It had to happen sooner or later. 

Jimmer, Jackson, Logan ... there's nothing I can say that can accurately depict how greatly you will be missed. The success you all brought to BYU is in the record books. We love you ... will miss you ... and cannot wait to see how it goes. 

For Jimmer ... your jersey will be in the rafters of the MC ... We will all have one to sport around casually or at games. Thank you for the memories, EPIC pictures, and some (insert favorite "mormon" swear word here) amazing basketball. We wish you the best of success in the NBA and will follow your career with great interest. 

Jackson and Logan ... wherever your future takes you ... you will always have our support in Cougar nation. We love you. Thanks for all the great memories.

I hope we have more fantastic basketball in the future detailed with deep runs in the NCAA Tourny. If not ... I will still have died a happy man because of this season.

Rise and Shout. Go Cougars.

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