Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fantasy All Star Game Results

Before I start I have to say that I hate the backspace button ... I had this post completed ... did some editing and hit backspace ... it sent me to the last page I visited and nothing was saved. Very frustrating.

First off I must apologize for having the results out a bit late. I was under the weather yesterday and the wife still dragged me to help her buy a car (Okay I went willingly) and at the end of the day I didn't really have the time or energy to tally up the stat totals etc ... So for those of you who were anxiously awaiting the results ... here they are (See the link for the actual game stats and results):


Brandons Totals: 47.8 % FG, 73 % FT, 7 3pm, 145 Pts, 62 Rebs, 40 Asts, 12 Stls, 5 Blks, 18 TO's.

My Totals: 49.6 % FG, 82.1 % FT, 7 3pm, 146 pts, 53 Rebs, 37 Asts, 12 Stls, 6 Blks, 18 TO's.

The final tally is ... drum roll please ... 4-2-3 in favor of the Chesh Fantasy All-Stars. I must say that in all of my years as a fantasy sports participant I've never witnessed three ties in one matchup before. Towards the end of finishing my stat totals I could tell things were going to be interesting and when I put both teams stats together I must say ... the suspense was riveting. And of course it didn't disappoint as I was victorious. Every single stat counts. Good job Brandon ... it was a solid matchup.

As the victor I must select an MVP from my team. That has to be Kevin Durrant of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Although Amar'e Stoudemire is a close second). Kevin shot 48% from the field and was perfect from the free throw line. He dropped four three's, had three boards and two assists, steals and blocks a piece. He never turned the ball over. Congratulations to the Durrantula of the Chesh Fantasy All-Stars of winning the 2011 MVP. If Kevin were to accept this award I'm sure he'd mention his team-mates and how important their performances were as well. Great job Kevin and great game Brandon and your All-Stars. Same time next year.

Did you all enjoy the All-Star break? ... I sure did.

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