Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 NBA Preview: Eastern Conference

I've been wearing my new coaches sideline polo to the golf course. Got my draft day hat and Frank Gore jersey all ready for standby. Football season is only 3 weeks away and some change. That means it's time for another NBA preview to keep us occupied for a bit until the season starts. So here we go with the eastern conference playoff predictions, and all conference playoff team.

1 Miami Heat
     Yes I was a hater of LeBron's infamous decision. But I am still a realist. The bottom of the eastern conference got weaker. Miami will have a comfortable 5 or 6 game lead over the number two spot. Wade is still the man in South Beach. It is his town. He owns it. He just recruited his buddies and they'll be having a blast being the number 1 seed. Not to mention their supporting cast is ridiculous. Mike Miller's best season of his career awaits him. Let the wagon roll from South Beach.

2 Boston Celtics
     Look for Boston to remain atop the standings. They may have gotten older with the addition of Shaq or recently known as "The Big Shamrock" but they're still stacked with big guys. Perkins isn't quite to the peak of his career. KG can still put up 18's and 10's. Pierce too. Rajon Rondo is the glue of this team. He will lead them to the number 2 seed.

3 Orlando Magic
     The still got Dwight Howard. Jameer Nelson needs to stay healthy all season. Carter was a distraction and they'll look to get rid of him. If that departure of Vinsanity takes place, Rashard Lewis will have more signifance with his shooting. SVG still has arguably the best bench in the league. He still knows how to win and this team has been to the finals. They will make a run in the playoffs.

4 Chicago Bulls
     This is where it all gets interesting. Chicago has improved their team greatly with the additions of Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer. With Derek Rose, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng, look for the Bulls to be the sleepers of the east. Do not be surprised if they get far either. I won't be.

5 Atlanta Hawks
     Atlanta is just a boring team to watch when Jamal Crawford isn't on the floor. Smith, Horford and Johnson will still put up their numbers. Bibby is getting old and Marvin Williams has been a disappointment in my mind. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jamal Crawford start at the point and see rookie Jordan Crawford get some minutes at the two. Still, I dont think there's enough of a supporting cast. The Hawks are moving down in the standings.

6 Milwaukee Bucks
     I almost have the Bucks at the 5 seed this coming season. Maggette was a great addition. Jennings can only get better and if the injury bug stops biting Bogut he can compete with Bosh and Amare for the best PF in the east. The future is bright for Milwaukee but I still think the competition above them got better than they did. However, do not be surprised if they, like Chicago can raise some eyebrows this season.

7 Indiana Pacers
     Darren Collison was the perfect aquisition for this squad. They've been looking for a decent point guard for years now. He and Danny Granger are going to be the next great duo combo in the NBA. Perhaps the Westbrook and Durant of the East. I like how bright their future is. Give them a couple years and they could see some conference finals appearances like the Pacers of the late nineties.

8 New York Knicks
     Alas, the Knicks finally make the playoffs again. Felton and Amare will be a good combo with Chandler and Gallinari supporting. And I love the addition of Roger Mason. They failed on Project LeBron ... but the backup plan worked well and I'm sure they've started Project Melo for next year's free agent market.

First Round
1 Miami beats 8 New York 4-1
2 Boston beats 7 Indiana 4-2
3 Orlando beats 6 Milwaukee 4-3
4 Chicago beats 5 Atlanta 4-1

Second Round
1 Miami beats 4 Chicago 4-3
2 Boston beats 3 Orlando 4-2

Conf. Finals
2 Boston beats 1 Miami 4-3

I almost want to have the bulls upsetting the Heat in the 2nd round. But Miami has such a phenomenal supporting cast it's disgusting. I have always been a fan of Eddie House and Mike Miller. However I also think that the experience of the Celtics will overpower the inexperience of the entire Miami team (besides Wade ... and Big Z I guess.) Wade will carry this team into and through the first 6 games but it will not be enough. The most experience they have after Wades Finals MVP run in '06 is as follows. LBJ and Big Z having success but choking late in the playoffs. LBJ and Bosh's medals in the Olympics for the USA squad. Carlos Arroyo's Gold medal in the Olympics playing for Puerto Rico, and last but not least, Mario Chalmers "Shot" in the 2008 NCAA National Championship. Yeah, Boston takes this one.

All Conference Playoff 1st team

PG Rajon Rondo
SG Dwyane Wade
SF Paul Pierce
PF Chris Bosh
C Dwight Howard

2nd team

PG Derrick Rose
SG Ray Allen
SF LeBron James
PF Kevin Garnett
C Kendrick Perkins

Honorable Mentions
Andrew Bogut
Jameer Nelson
Luol Deng
Joakim Noah
Danny Granger

There ya have it for the East. Stay tuned for the West and of course, who will be crowned NBA Finals as well as the Finals MVP.


  1. pretty good insight, impressive.

  2. Good call on Celtics overtaking the Heat. Seems like everyone thinks Miami will just obliterate the entire league en route to an easy championship (Jeff Van Gundy, I'm looking at you). I foresee the same Eastern final matchup and result. And Orlando will be right there too. Bottom line: every team in the league will be hungry to shut the Heat up.